inner space
turn left at the corner
otto and andy
surf camp
Ninja  (sold)
field trip  (sold)
girl with the gypsy shoes
A story A story  (sold)
when i was a kid  (sold)
going off the deep end
the skinny
stuck in the middle
springtime II  (sold)
springtime III
street sounds
this lane is merging  (sold)
shes electric  (sold)
glacier  (sold)
feelings in the air
swervin' on it
standing by  (SOLD)
you remind me of you (sold)
that dream you had (SOLD)
monster doll
afterschool activities
benny and June 2
Benny and June  (SOLD)
sea pony  (SOLD)
dizzy spells  (sold)
walking on eggshells  (SOLD)
dont change for me (SOLD)
amys fault (SOLD)
Stuck on repeat (sold)
affogato  (sold)
one on one  (sold)
optimist  (sold)
special snowflake  (sold)
this never happened  (sold)
Close encounter  (sold)
singin' all the words (sold)
manhole  (sold)
counting wishes
good luck charm
love you 3x  (sold)
I'm still waiting  (sold)
spicy tuna roll
sid & T  (sold)
sign of the times  (sold)
Mothers day pair (SOLD)
Mothers day pair (SOLD)
uncovered  (SOLD)
who doesn't love kitties!  (SOLD)
Not alone  (sold)
morning glory  (SOLD)
trip to venice  (SOLD)
made for walkin  (SOLD)
center of attention (sold)
all the times  (SOLD)
lets get lost  (SOLD)
the way we were  (SOLD)
Belly laugh
Come together (SOLD)
Unspoken  (sold)
Before  (SOLD)
happy to be home (sold)
Pandora  (SOLD)