you remind me of you (sold)
dizzy spells  (sold)
affogato  (sold)
one on one  (sold)
optimist  (sold)
special snowflake  (sold)
dont change for me (SOLD)
this never happened  (sold)
walking on eggshells  (SOLD)
amys fault (SOLD)
I'm still waiting  (sold)
love you 3x
sid & T  (sold)
sign of the times  (sold)
Mothers day pair (SOLD)
Mothers day pair (SOLD)
uncovered  (SOLD)
morning glory  (SOLD)
trip to venice  (SOLD)
made for walkin  (SOLD)
Not alone  (sold)
center of attention (sold)
all the times  (SOLD)
lets get lost  (SOLD)
the way we were  (SOLD)
Belly laugh
Come together (SOLD)
Unspoken  (sold)
Before  (SOLD)
happy to be home (sold)

© 2017 by Julie Harris

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